Trinity Needlers

There is just something calming and centering about hand work.  Knitting, crochet, cross stitch, quilting, embroidery, and applique have historically been done in groups with conversation and congeniality, hence the Trinity Needlers.

This is an open group for beginner and advanced needle crafters.  We meet at Trinity:

10am-noon on the first and third Thursday of each month.
Info: 620-378-2262 or 316-321-6606

Can Anyone Join?
Yes.  There is no sign-up and no membership requirement.  Bring your project and join us any time.

I’m Not Sure I Can Commit To Meet Twice A Month.
No problem. Come when you’re able and skip any meetings you must.

What If I’m Not Very Good?
Come anyway!  Bring whatever materials you have. As our group grows, we home more experienced needlers can offer help to get you started. (There’s always YouTube.)

Since You Meet At A Church, Is This A Religious Group?
No.  Trinity provides a place for us (hence, the name Trinity Needlers), and some of us are Episcopalians.  However, you are welcome, Christian, or otherwise, and any discussion of faith will be accidental. Discussion of politics might be better held elsewhere, too.

What If I’d Like To Do Something For Others?
There are numerous organizations seeking items you can make. Or fashion a prayer shawl for someone who needs encouragement.  Suggestions:

Scarves for women for heart disease:
Babies born during American heart Month:
Purple baby hats for Period of Purple Crying awareness:
Hat for the homeless: