Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is a national organization with a corresponding chapter in each Episcopal Church. The history of the organization goes back to 1871 when the Episcopal Board of Missions was authorized to organize a Women’s Society. ECW has been an active part of Trinity since the 1930’s. The currently stated purpose of ECW is “to assist the women of the Episcopal Church to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world and to take their place as leaders in the life, governance, and worship of the Church. The life of ECW begins in the local congregation and continues at the diocesan, provincial and national levels. Each has its own unique characteristics that enable the mission and ministry of women. The ECW is an integral part of the Episcopal Church, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion”. (Taken from the Diocese of Kansas Website).

ECW at Trinity is largely responsible for the outreach and charitable giving of the Parish. It is also responsible for serving and setting up for all dinners, meetings, receptions, and buying any needed kitchen supplies.

As part of the national and diocesan ECW, individual chapters pay a “fair share” sum to the ECW of the Diocese. ECW’s charitable donations include the Salvation Army; the Safehouse; and various other entities. It was voted and approved to give $50.00 monthly to Priscilla’s Pet Pantry. It was voted and approved to give to Church Care each month, the amount being $55.00 per month. This year’s Cookie Fair (the major fund-raiser) netted $2,668.58. The balance in January, 2019, was $7,016.61. The ECW receives contributions from the Auto Club, the Veterans’ Display, and the Lenten Soup suppers, as well as thank-offerings from funerals. Detailed information on ECW finances is available from the office or from Annette Gurney, ECW Treasurer.

ECW meets on the second Sunday of every month at 9:00 AM in the Kirkpatrick Room. Any woman who is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church is automatically a member of ECW. Please come and join us at a meeting and let your voice be heard! New ideas are always welcome!

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