The Organ at Trinity Episcopal

Our Custom Rodgers Trillium 787 Digital/Pipe Combination Organ was installed in 2004.


Trinity’s original organ was installed in 1960 when the current church was built.  A gift from the late Frank Robert and Clementine Condell, the original organ consisted of a Moeller console and four ranks of pipes which are hidden behind the organ shutters.

In 2004, a designated gift from the late Florence Columbia and Robert Taliaferro was used to enhance the original organ.  The existing console was removed and replaced with a Rodgers Digital Console.  In addition, the rank of exposed principal pipes from Italy was added.  All four ranks of original pipes were re-voiced and rewired to the new console.  Upon completion, the original pipes, new pipes, and the new console were all integrated creating the first digital-pipe organ installation in El Dorado, KS having an equivalent of 40 ranks of pipes (5 winded and 35 digital).

In 2008, a new sound module was added increasing the number of ranks to 118 (113 digital) and adding hundreds of orchestral and MIDI tones.

Deb Harstine is our organist.