Welcome Home

Welcome to our Trinity family.  We are happy you are here.  The Episcopal service can be a bit intimidating to a newbie, so just relax, listen and watch. There is a lot of sitting, standing, singing, kneeling, praying, and reciting.  You don’t have to do any of this. You have done the most important part and that is you are here.

Episcopalians strive to be present with the Lord at the services, in whatever form that takes for each individual. What you will notice most is that people are quiet both before and immediately after the service.  We aren’t ignoring you or being unfriendly.  To get to know us, hang around after the service for eats, coffee and conversation.  (We always have food!)

Wear whatever is comfortable for you and join us either online or in-person.   If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter, send us an email to: office@tecedk.kscoxmail.com