Advent Schedule

November 28: 1st Sunday of Advent
Communion in the Absence of a Priest

December 5: 2nd Sunday of Advent
Advent Festival of Lessons & Hymns+

December 12: 3rd Sunday of Advent
Communion in the Absence of a Priest

December 19: 4th Sunday of Advent
Holy Eucharist & Baptism
Greening of the Church

December 24: Christmas Eve
5:oopm Candlelight Service

Saturday, December 25
Christmas Day
Morning Prayer & Rectors’ Greeting

Advent Quiet Day 2021

Saturday, December 11, 2021 I 9 am – 2 pm
@ Grace Cathedral, Topeka
Registration Fee: $20, includes lunch
Deadline to register: December 7, 2021

Most of us skip Advent. The season is brief and busy, and Christmas seems like the real goal anyway. And yet, like a seed in the fertile ground waiting and waiting, hidden under the surface of anxious scriptures predicting final judgment; Advent is rich with spiritual guidance. Growth that God imagines for us takes patience. Most of us say we don’t have enough of this elusive virtue and yet we long for the fruit of it in our lives and in the world around us. Personal, communal health, and justice of all varieties rely on an inner capacity for patience with the challenges that come to us asking for our best efforts. Canon Lisa Senuta invites you to spend some time with the Merciful One in community and nurture the seeds of new life in your spiritual heart during the season of waiting. Expect large group learning, small group conversation and guided periods of silence with individual reflection time.

Register online:

Questions? Contact Canon Lisa Senuta at


Advent Devotional

Join with us as we Practice Patience in the 2021 Advent Season
Practicing Patience with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind

This Advent season will be focusing on heart, soul, strength, and mind. These dimensions are interconnected—each one affects the other. We are not compartmentalized people. Whatever impacts one area of our lives. This Devotional will help guide and equip us as we commit to being more intentional about the way we live our lives.

This guide is intended to be used for daily personal reflection as you journey through Advent. Each day begins with a begin with a scripture or quote, followed by a reflection practicing patience. Followed by making- it-personal questions for reflection, and then a few lines where you can record any thoughts, feelings, or insights.

This Advent season, as you use this guide, our hope and prayer is that you feel supported in your desire to more fully practice your faith in a way that is deeply renewing.

There are copies available in the Parish Hall or you can download here